augustus 28, 2019




Production Thuis (VRT)


For quite some time now, I support the setdressing team at Thuis (a Flemish television soap at the Flemish Radio & Television headquarters). I take care of the bottles of wine, vacation pictures, invitations and so on. But most of my time is spend building digital tools and enhancing the way we work behind the scenes. The project shared below is a great example of that.

Each member of the setdressing team has two phones for handeling phone calls or sending and receiving messages between two characters. Before the tool, they had to switch names and change pictures of each phone number so they would be able to fake the phone calls. And that's where the tool, made possible thanks to Protopie, comes in. Now they're able to let the phone communicate between each other just by being connected to the same wifi network, and a Protopie 'bridge'. By filling in some details (date, timestamp, name of the caller and phone number) they can now make a phone call without the hassle.